Training Weapons

To help the Rookie to find the right weapon, here is a list of some European smiths for blunt Longswords, Fencing-Feathers and Messer with a good relation of price and quality. It’s not necessary to pay more then 300€ for the first Training-Sword (or fencing feather). You should stay away from Longswords and Fencing-Feathers under 200€. If you want to spend some more money then you should visit Aureus Swords (Poland), Jan Chodkiewicz (Ensifer, Poland) and Szymon Chlebowski (Poland).

I left out sources for one-handed swords for the time being, because there is a much larger selection.

Smith: Peter Regenyei (Regenyei Armory, Hungary)

Blunt Longswords , Custom Spiky, Custom Wide, Messer

Choose for blade strength medium or light please. The strong blade strength is too hard!

Smith: Pavel Moc (Czech Republic)

Blunt Longswords , Fencing Feathers

The Models Dürrer, Embleton, Talhoffer and Viollet are recommended.

Smith: Sigi Forge (Slovak Republic)

Known for their good fencing feathers. Recommended are:

Sigi Feder, Sigi Shorty, Sigi Concept, Sigi Gothic Feder

The last two of them are expensive and you shouldn’t buy them if you are a beginner.

Smith: Landsknecht Emporium (Hungary)

The Landsknecht Emporium makes good messer, with a good point of balance and weight.

We recommend the model Gottfried. If you don’t want to spend so much money for a messer, the model Karl is a good choice. But Karl’s point of balance isn’t so good.

Smith: Jiri Krondak (Fabri Amorum, Czech Republic)

Langes Messer, „kurzes“ Langes Messer (short)

The short one is good, but sometimes too short.

Most Smiths have a delivery time from round about 4 to 6 months. Under certain circumstances, HEMA shops may still have goods in stock; And they sell protective gear and some other toys too.

European shops:


Longswords, Fencing Feathers, Messer and Rapier:

Stay away from Longswords and Fencing Feathers from CAS/Hanwei/Tinker Pearce, Viktor Berbekucz, Kingston Arms, Comfort Fencing and Cold Steel.